Peer to peer education and inspiration is the key to elevating both individuals and organizations.

By bringing people together in a common space and sharing stories, we inspire them to think about the world in a totally unique way. Education and inspiration are delivered in a conversational, tongue in cheek way, engaging audiences and giving them permission to think about the world in a new way. As a speaker, Andrea deploys storytelling techniques, utter honestly, and vulnerability to take what some may view as cerebral business principles and apply them to various industries in a practical manner.

While there are a number of topics that are highly rated and requested. Andrea does tailor each presentation to the group she is speaking to. Additionally, custom presentations are available, and both half- and full- day in person Masterclass sessions may be booked.

Current Topics Include:

The Power of NO

Now Trending: How to Forecast the Future

Living Your Brand

How to Attract and Manage Luxury

Storytelling & Selling

Cutting Through the Noise of a Saturated Market

Friendors: How to Manage Personal Relationships in Business